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Augmented Reality: How Does It Help My Son?


Technology is already part of our lives and it is at hand, whether for daily consumption or to boost the educational development of children.

Currently, there are two terms that you must not lose sight of: Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR).

On one hand, Virtual Reality transports us to a sensory experience in an artificial environment, isolated from the real world; accessories —such as glasses or earphones— are usually necessary to enjoy that experience.

On the other hand, Augmented Reality (AR) is the capacity to add information to the images that we perceive with our eyes, in other words, it combines real and virtual images, in an interactive way, and in real-time.

This is the most innovative experience to boost child development, because, at all times, children know that somebody is with them, encouraging them to learn. You can use any electronic device to experience AR.

Advantages of Augmented Reality:

  • This is a deep, striking experience, because it connects experience with knowledge.
  • It’s fun to learn this way, because children feel more motivated.
  • It helps to transmit concepts, words, and written information, providing children with an attractive and very entertaining content.

Use the apps, electronic devices, and gadgets in your favor. Spend quality time with your children and take advantage of the technology together.


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SOURCE:Centro de Difusión de Ciencia y Tecnología (CeDiCyT) — Instituto Politécnico Nacional (IPC).